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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 20: Dramatic love 
4th-Mar-2009 12:36 am
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter 20: Dramatic love
Pairings: A few.
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst
Rating: Going towards 16 and up, yo. Parental guidance is advised. XD
Warnings: Boys in love with each other, fighting, strong language and a lot of drama.
Disclaimer: I wish.
Summary: This chapter is a lot of drama, okay? And I blame it on watching One Tree Hill. I want to kick myself for it.

This is taking WAY too long!!

Chinen Yuuri wasn't known for his patience, in fact, this kind of endurance didn't exist for this boy. This was why he was exasperated with having to wait for the Juniors' practice to end. He was in the non-Juniors locker room that was at the other end of the hall where the Junior room was. Hasshi and he were to go pajama shopping, because for the Christmas party, Koyama insisted that everyone had to show up in PJ's. It is cute, he said, and when people randomly fell asleep when it got too late, they were already in pajamas. That Koyama, always able to find a useful side to something silly.

The small member of JUMP was wondering why the numbers on his watch won't change when suddenly, someone else joined him in the locker room.

"...hey, Yuuri." A voice said, "What are you doing here?"

The boy looked up, that deep voice could only belong to the one and only Takaki Yuya... and it was indeed him, and Chinen wished it wasn't him because he didn't really want him to be here.

"Hi there, Takaki-kun." He replied, "Well, I'm waiting for Ryousuke."

The older boy made a face as he sat next to the younger teen on the bench amid the locker rows... Takaki couldn't really hide that he was jealous because Hasshi was now 'Ryousuke' and he was 'Takaki-kun'. He didn't like it when his ex-boyfriend called him by his last name and reminded him that they had fallen apart, even if it was to expect, since they weren't dating anymore. It was his own fault, he knew that, but it still hurt.

"What about you?" Yuuri asked, not really sure that he was really interested in the answer and at the same time, he was really curious about it. It was rare that JUMP members hung around here during the Juniors-only practices, only a few did, and it was to wait for and see someone they were friends with or someone they were dating, and the latter was only his case and Yabu's.

Takaki expected the query, but still, he was surprised that Chinen asked. "Waiting for someone, too."

At that, the petite boy's heart jumped in his chest. The only people Takaki should be hanging out with in the Juniors were the B.A.D guys, and this wasn't a Kansai Junior practice... and most Tokyo Juniors didn't really like JUMP, so what was up with this? Maybe Takaki was simply stalking Chinen and not admitting it? "... oh really? Who are you waiting for?"

Takaki didn't answer that, instead he distanced himself from the topic of whom he was here for. "So... you and Hashimoto-kun doing well?"

Why is he asking this?! Chinen asked himself, "Yeah."

"Happy together?"


"Good..." Takaki closed the subject with that, thinking that he probably knew much more than he needed to hear. Knowing that Chinen was happy with someone else really sucked, that made him just want to get up and leave because his purpose for being here was losing its importance more and more.

Then, there was a silence. It only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like hours to both boys. Takaki could feel that his heart was beating really fast and he knew that the reason why it did this was that Chinen was close to him. This youngster had such great impact on Takaki's feelings, it was incredible.

On his end, Chinen felt a knot in his stomach, his heart beating so hard in his chest it hurt, his palms were getting sweaty and something was making him feel like he was being strangled. He had a really bad feeling for some reason and he couldn't even tell what it was and why it was happening. He knew the damp palms and the pounding heart was because Yuya was right next to him and he because couldn't touch him or hold him. He was used to that feeling... but still, he couldn't help thinking that something bad was coming his way.

"I miss you, Yuuri."

The said boy held his breathe for a second and looked up, his eyes immediately meeting Takaki's intensely dark and gorgeous coffee-colored eyes. The older boy's expression was soft, showing a lot of regret and a broken little smile that just crushed Chinen's heart. Why did it feel like they were so far away even if they were sitting right next to each other?

"I never left, Takaki-kun. I don't see why you'd miss me."

This was a really distant sounding reply from the small boy and Takaki wasn't sure he could read Yuuri's feelings properly. Usually, this was something he could do effortlessly, but this time, he just couldn't. Chinen looked befuddled, and something else was up with him, but Takaki wasn't able to tell what. He looked at the small Hey!Say!7 member dead in the eyes and decided to tell him what he wanted, leaning down, inching closer to his face and whispering against his lips.

"I love you, Yuuri...and I want you back with me." He said in a low voice. It might take time, we might see other people, but I know you still want me as much as I want you and that in the end, we'll be together.

Chinen was blushing out of control, his eyes were wide and even if his senses told him that this was a situation he had to get out of at any cost, he couldn't move because his legs felt stiff. He was, as he always had been, under the spell in Takaki's voice. There was something about those eyes that made Chinen feel like goo and the contact of their lips made it hard to think.

They were kissing, like they haven't done in months. Anyone who walked down this hall could easily catch them at any moment, but neither of them was really thinking about it. Takaki's hand slid up the back of Chinen's neck to let his fingers touch the skin lightly and tangle themselves in the boy's hair and the younger lad was clinging to his ex-boyfriend's shirt. They were pressed together and the kiss was remotely innocent, even if their tongues did brush against each other gently every once in a while.

This was something Chinen had missed. Feeling like the world disappeared and that the only things left were he and Yuya. This felt so right that it felt wrong.

…What about me, Yuuri?

Something appeared in his mind, a tall silhouette with arms crossed that looked really disappointed with Yuuri... but he couldn't tell who it was because it was all dark and foggy in his mind but when he suddenly felt Takaki's other hand crawl up inside his shirt, he realized who it was and why he was scolding him.

"Ryousuke!!" The little boy screamed the name, distress in his voice as he pushed Takaki away from him. He didn't know why, but unexpectedly, he felt scared, like he shouldn't have done this and this had been a terribly wrong thing to do.

In the meantime, the Junior practice had just ended, and everyone was being awed at the amazing exhibit of cheesiness that was in front of them. It was a known fact that Kamei and Yabu were in love and had no difficulty with showing it, but sometimes, everyone just wished they weren't so at ease with that. The JUMP leader had shown up in the practice room at the right time to take his boyfriend away from the rest of the Juniors, to remind him that they have been dating for a full two months today. A flower, a gift box, a love song… the whole shebang. Yabu was really this pathetic when he was in love, luckily for the Juniors who thought like Nozawa, he said that they'd leave because they had some celebrating to do.

But something came and disturbed the silly lovey-dovey mood. A shriek.

"What the hell was that?"
"Where did it come from?"

One of the boys in the bunch blanched and his blood froze in his veins as he heard the screaming. It was his own name, and he knew from who and where it was.


Hasshi dashed away from the gang as fast as he could and went to the non-Juniors locker room and on his way there, a undersized body launched itself onto him and small hands clung to his t-shirt.

"Ryousuke, I want to leave! I want to leave!" Chinen kept on sobbing against Hasshi's chest. "He... we... kissed... I don't want... I.. I wanna leave."

Hasshi tried to make him calm down, "Shh... what is it? I don't understand you…"

The tiny teenager was obviously profoundly bothered by something, but what could happen in a locked in a locker room that could make him cry? The worst thing that ever happened to Hasshi in there was that time when he was tying his shoelace, looked up and found himself face to face with Ishigaki Daisuke's uncovered you-know-what.

"Hey, Yuuri, wait up!"

Someone else came out of the direction of the locker room where Chinen had been, the guy who had been with the boy all along: Takaki Yuya. The BEST member had ran after the teenager, because he was afraid he had done or said something wrong. Chinen hadn't rejected him and even kissed him back until he randomly yelled his present boyfriend's name, after all. Yes, Takaki knew that he sort of made the boy cheat, in a way, but he never forced him to do it!

When Takaki finally found where Chinen was, he found a pair of eyes glaring at him in an unforgiving way. He stared back at those eyes, staying as silent as Hasshi was. The tension in the air was thick, it was atypical that Takaki and Hashimoto ever were in the same room these days and when their eyes met, there was nothing in them other than anger, pain and other feelings that stung in their hearts like needles.

The Junior boy's gaze let go of Takaki's to look down at the boy he was holding for half a second. He immediately made the connection in his mind. It was Takaki's fault if the guy in his arms was crying like that, he had done something to him and whatever it was, it hurt Chinen.

Then, he thought about what Yuuri was sobbing about. He kissed him? Hasshi felt something forming in him, something that made his blood boil and see red. He let go of the crying boy and walked to Takaki, his teeth bared, gritted in anger.

"You son of a bitch." He hissed at the other, standing only inches away from him then pushed him on the chest, making Takaki stumble a few steps back. "Keep away from him."

Takaki's eyebrows went skywards. It wasn't much like Hasshi to talk to him like that... or, well, talk to him, period.

"Piss off, Hashimoto." He barked back, "I told you the exact same thing the last time and look what happened. Why should I listen to you? You haven't listened to me." Takaki asked.

Hasshi, being taller, had leverage. That made Takaki feel a lot smaller than he really was and the younger boy's glare felt like it was burning through his skull and really, it was intimidating.

"Because, unlike you, when I say something, I actually mean it." Ryousuke hissed back at him, because to him, anything Takaki promised was a big load of bullshit. "I won't let you lie to him and try to take him back like that."

This actually hurt Takaki's feelings, because the impression he left on his ex was one of a liar and a bastard and sadly, he couldn't do a thing about it. "First off, you should know Yuuri is going to leave you and come back to me someday. There's a reason why he kissed me after all." Takaki said, stating what he thought was obvious. "Second, he's not you, why do you think he's going to end up like you did? Grow up!"

At that, Ryousuke just lost it and sent his fist ramming itself into Takaki's stomach with all his strength, making the older male fall to the floor, groaning, curled up on the floor in pain.

Yuuri, who had been asking himself what to do all along, gasped when he saw Hasshi hit Takaki. He wanted to stop them before anything worse happens, but he didn't feel like he would be able to on his own… He did not find any other solutions as he saw Takaki get back up and kick Hasshi's stomach, making the boy hit the wall.

Chinen yelled like he never yelled before.

After all, that was what he was told to do, when you can't do anything about it, scream.

Soon enough, a hoard of juniors and the JUMP leader showed up on the scene.

Straight away, a few of the guys launched themselves at the fighting boys and pulled them away from one the other, holding them back from hitting each other. Totsuka, Kitayama and Nikaido were holding Hashimoto while Goseki, Shoon and Miyata held Takaki. Yabu went to the crying little boy who had alerted them, to try and make the tears stop.

After the situation was under control again, a lot of the boys reunited in the locker room. They had set Hasshi and Takaki on a bench and Chinen was in Kamei's arms, still crying while the others, mainly curious Juniors, made a circle around them.

Kitayama and Yabu were pacing in front of the two boys who had been fighting. They were both some of the older, supposedly responsible guys and they were both thinking about what kind of scolding they could give them.

"Okay, seriously." The Hey!Say!JUMP leader was the first to speak up, "What went through you, guys?"

Everything was quiet for an instant, until Takaki spoke up. "Well, he started it."

"Real mature!" Hasshi shot back, "And you tell me to grow up?"

"Yeah, you sure fucking need it!"

"Suck my dick, bastard!"

Kitayama raised his arms, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch your language, we have kids in here!" He said, actually surprised that Hasshi used such means of verbal communication. If it was Takaki, it was normal, he was influenced by that character he played in Gokusen. "No, really, guys. You know Johnny could kick you both out?"

More silence. Takaki didn't want to say anything because Yabu was glowering at him and Hasshi knew that if Johnny wanted to kick one of the two out, it would be him, because he was just a Junior.

"Yeah, you're pretty lucky your faces aren't injured." Hiromitsu went on, "A scar can make a lot of people talk."

Yabu decided to take the self-reproach level a little higher, because he had a tendency to do that. "Have you guys seen what you've done to Chinen?"

Both of them just stared down at their shoes.

"Look at him, both of you." Yabu commanded, pointing the boy who was in his boyfriend's arms.

The boys ended up laying their eyes on the crying Chinen. Takaki looked up, a hurt expression appeared on his face, then he looked back down while Hasshi couldn't get his eyes off the kid.

"He's completely terrified, and whose fault is it, huh?" Kouta asked, "The both of you. Congrats, you did something together for once... You can feel bad together, now."

Kitayama nodded, approving the other's point. "And for Christ's sake, where is your Christmas spirit? No one fights when Christmas is close." He said, "Anyways... if you are going to be like this, don't bother coming to the Christmas party and stay home on common practice days, we don't need drama. What we do is hard enough as it is, we don't need troublemakers to make it worse."

"Yeah, you guys should clear those issues you've got, or else we won't have any choice but getting Johnny involved okay?" Yabu said. "I'd like if you were more conscious about people around you, too, like Chinen for example."

"Alright, now, enough, Kouta." Another voice rose from the bunch, "They get your point, don't carry it too far it."

The former Johnny's Junior captain turned, realizing that although this voice called him 'Kouta', it wasn't Kamei's. "Shoon, don't intervene," He sighed, recognizing the voice. Yabu still had the 'Ex-syndrome', which meant everything Shoon did annoyed him off to the highest level, even something as simple as breathing.

"More like I don't really want to hear you scolding my boyfriend anymore and I think Chinen and Hasshi have stuff to tell each other like Yuya and I do." Shoon replied, rolling his eyes at the look of despise he got from Yabu.

"...what?" The word was on every lips.

That is what happens when I do not take care of stuff myself… Oh, Yaotome Hikaru, I am going to kill you. Yabu thought. He had left operation 'find Takaki a boyfriend' to his dork of a friend and apparently, that was what the result was? He felt sick...

....but not as sick as that one little guy who just freed himself from Kamei's hold and ran away.

"Chinen, come back!"

Chinen ran, as fast as he could, still bawling his eyes out. How could you, Yuya? How could you?!

Takaki had a new lover and still he kissed Yuuri and made him feel like they were still together… Why did it feel so wrong to be in love with Yuya and why did kissing him make him feel strange? Wasn't Chinen's goal finding his way back to Yuya's heart? Did he not succeed? Then why did it hurt? Why did he feel so much distress? Why did he call Ryousuke for help? Why did the hits that Takaki and Hasshi launched at each other also hurt Chinen?

So many questions for a confused 14 years old boy's mind and not enough answers.
4th-Mar-2009 05:57 am (UTC)
Oh my... so dramatic! xDDD Is One Tree Hill really that dramatic? xDDD

Yaaay~! You finally updated. I have been waiting like forever. xD Almost thought you died or something. @.@

Oh damn... Hasshi and Takaki fighting. O__O;; Poor Chinen~ But seriously, what's wrong with you, Chinen??? I hope he figures out his feelings soon. xP

KILL HIKARU, YABU! *really wants to see that* xP Somehow I like the idea of a VIOLENT!Yabu. xP And maybe somehow shutting Yuto up. xP

And I can see Shoon ish the new replacement. xD I figured. xP A bit disappointed but the TakaYama scans and calendar have made me aksldfjaklsd
4th-Mar-2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
I did warn about the drama, didn't I? XD And... One Tree Hill is dramatic, but not always. Though, it's the only show I know that can have a jealous ex-girlfriend, a sad fiancée, a cheating husband, a slut babysitter and a school gunman who commits suicide all in the same episode.

I haven't died~ My computer did for a while and I only fixed it recently.

Well, I had a Gokusen-ish feeling, so, fighting was the answer. XD And Chinen is a kid, it will take a bit to figure himself out, ne~

LOL, violent!Yabu. That would be scary as hell.

Well, yes, Shoon won. Yamada and he were tying and I was waiting for one more vote. Someone voted and Shoon won, which is not that easy to write, if it was Yamada, it would have been easier... Oh wellz~
5th-Mar-2009 02:20 am (UTC)
Haha you sure did! xD
O___O;;; Oh damn, that's one messed up drama. xDD No wonder it's so many seasons. xP No wait... ALL THAT HAPPENS IN ONE EP? WTF. XP


LMAO, I felt that it was Gokusen, too! YAY for Gokusen SP AND movie!!! xD Get to watch Takaki... xP
Haha indeed. Poor him. So much for him ne?

BUT IT WOULD BE AMUSING. XD For me at least. xP

Haha I see. xD Oh really? OWO Well you don't see much interaction with them both so yeah. xD I'll just go flail the recent TakaYama thingy that appeared. xD
4th-Mar-2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
oh teh dramaz!
oh teh emoz!

I love it XD

*imagines the "how hikaru found takaki a boyfriend scenarios" in her head* XD

"Hi there Kamei..."

Yabu screamed in horror.

5th-Mar-2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
lol, glad you liked it.

And, I found myself totally unable to steal one of the ideas you gave me! I kept them for the lulz, but, no stealie.
5th-Mar-2009 05:15 pm (UTC)
that's okay

or maybe we can collab on it one day ♥
6th-Mar-2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
Awww!! the new chapter!!!
I'm so happy!! I read asap and I'll comment again!! =)
7th-Mar-2009 01:46 am (UTC)
D'accord, ma grande! Bonne lecture!
8th-Mar-2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, Chinen is so weak! (but I’d be too! XD)
I still want Hasshi back with Takaki… After all, they are both twisted in love affairs!! XD
And this poor Shoon T__T
Awww now Hasshi is taller than Takaki O____O
“undersized body” LOOOOL!!! (I’m almost as tall as Chinen *shot*)
> Mais tu m’as gentillement appelé ‘ma grande’ donc, sans rancunes XP

I really wonder how you’ll deal with their feelings finally.
This capacity to complicate things kills my brain and though I thought a lot, I wonder how they can such a dilemma (excepting if they end all alone finally), I wonder how you can help them…
Bon courage, I’ll look forward to the next chapter!! ^^

And oh: The only mention of Totsuka made me scream XDD
I SO miss fics with Shota Oo
6th-Apr-2009 07:08 am (UTC)
I'm sooooooo late! Sorry!

WOAH, this is dramatic. Although I thought that Chinen would just suddenly decide to get back with Takaki. But he can't! No, because Hasshi will end up in his previous situation... *becauseHasshiislikemynumber1lol* I have this weird feeling that he has actually grown to like Chinen on some level.

And everyone picked Shoon? Dang it, I wanted to Tegoshi to scar him for life!

8th-Apr-2009 11:40 am (UTC)
so it's shoon after all..*hoping for tegoshi*
but i'm glad it's not yamada XD
and i hate Takaki..somehow i'm on hasshi's side XP
i love it when Chinen felt guilty and Hasshi felt jealous <3
15th-Jun-2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
A Hasshinen shipper, omg. XD
And, yes, it ended up as Shoon. With whom I sort of lack plot. xD
Omg, don't hate Takaki. :O

I'm really glad you loved it, though! That's my goal. :D
16th-Jun-2009 10:55 am (UTC)
Blame you 8D
I couldn't help it at that time *palms face
15th-Jun-2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
Bon désolé j'ai pas laissé de coms avant! >_<
J'ai lu ta fic d'une seule traite! >_<
Pourquoiiiiiiii?? Moi je veux que Takaki et Chinen revienne ensemble T_T !! Ils doivent être ensemble!! -_-
Mais pourquoi Chinen se met à crier le prénom de l'autre ... grrr il gache vraiment tout!! Mais bon je lui pardonne il est trop kawai! =)
A quand la suite?
15th-Jun-2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
Whoa, whoa! Plus de lecteurs francophones!

Tu as tout lu d'un coup? Bon sens, just penser à tout relire me donne mal à la tête. XD Tu aimes la fic, au moins?

Toi, alors, c'est Chinen et Takaki jusqu'au bout, c'est ça? Ils sont mignons ensemble. :P Et la raison pour laquelle Chinen a crié le nom d'un autre, euh, ne me le demande pas, ça m'échappe encore un peu et j'ai écrit la fic. (Oui, je suis une auteure tellement géniale que je ne comprends pas complètement mes propres fics. XD)

Pour la suite, et bien, j'y travaille. C'est juste qu'en ce moment, j'ai des examens de fin de session et ils me font suer à fond la caisse. Mais, ça viendra bientôt! Je le promets!

Merci d'avoir lu~!! <3
15th-Jun-2009 08:18 pm (UTC)
Au début j'ai hésité à laisser un com en français! mdr Mais j'ai vu le titre en français donc j'ai tenté! xD

OUi oui j'aime! Ce que j'aime moins c'est que Takaki et Chinen soit pas ensemble! mdrr POurquoiiiiii?? On s'en fout de Hasshi! met le avec Shoon! ptdrrr Enfin bon c'est pas moi qui vais te dire comment écrire ta fic! mdrr *yeux du chap potté*

MDRR! OUi oui TakaChii à 100%%%%!! >_<
Franchement t'es trop forte pour pas comprendre tes propres fics! xD

Okay! J'attendrais alors! Patiemment devant mon ordi!En espérant (ou plutot priant) pour que Takaki et Chinen revienne ensemble! xD
Gambatte pour tes examens!! =)

Merci de m'avoir répondu <3
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