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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 18: Confirmation 
21st-Nov-2008 02:24 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter 18: Confirmation
Pairings: A few.
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Boys in love with each other?
Disclaimer: ...NO OWNAGE!
Summary: Uhoh?


That meant so much work, a few more practices, a couple of live performance, pictures, two Shounen Clubs... and honestly, Sanada Yuuma was enjoying himself. He was working hard to be a real gift for everyone who will see him perform this month.

After a long practice, it was finally lunch break. Sanada was so hungry he could eat all the Chibiko kids and his mother made him a super tasty lunch and he couldn't wait to eat it.

He was walking to the building's cafeteria peacefully, when suddenly; someone wrapped an arm around his shoulder. He didn't know who it was, but he smelled.

Yuuma turned to his right, "Waah, Nozawa! Arms down, man! You better start washing your practice clothes! I swear that t-shirt never met a washing machine since you entered the jimusho and you wear it everyday!" He told the boy.

"Geez." Yuuki pouted, "With friends like you, who needs enemies?"

"I'm sorry, but my nose was about to melt off my face." He said, punching his band mate on the shoulder playfully. "Deodorant, rings a bell?"

Sometimes, Sanada wondered if that was a diet technique invented by the jimusho, sending them to have lunch in their sweaty clothes so they lose their appetite and keep their super thin shapes? Having lunch next to Senga Kento, for example, was like eating next to a fountain ... of sweat.

"Bite me and buy me some for Christmas." The younger of the two replied, taking this as a joke and punching the other back.

Sanada surely didn't mean that in a harmful way, he was a nice guy after all.

"Talking about Christmas, though... Can you help me with something? The... Secret Santa thing."

Sanada raised an eyebrow, "What is it?"

Each year, there was the Johnny's Junior Secret Santa game organized by none other than the Shounen Club's captain, Koyama Keiichiro. The NEWS member picked names out of a hat for each junior, and then sent the results to the boys by text messaging. Rule is simple, you receive a name and you have to give a Christmas present to the guy whose name is on the message. Koyama had near to no time with all his work, but miraculously managed to find time for this each year. Weird.

"...I kind of picked someone I can't find a gift for..."

"...Who?" Sanada asked, "And why is it so hard to find a random gift when there is so many things you can buy him?"

"...It's someone I don't get along with..."

"Oh." That was all Yuuma had to say to this, "...There are 11 people in my head, right now... No matter who it is, give him a cool t-shirt... or a random pair of boxers."

Nozawa raised an eyebrow at the mention of underwear as a gift, "Man, I don't want you to be my secret Santa."

The other boy just snorted and opened the door of the cafeteria for his friend. Inside, there were all the other boys from many different groups, debuted or not. Among the debuted people, there was Hey!Say!JUMP scattered all around, Kamenashi Kazuya was eating with Yuto the chatterbox with Yamada not too far, Taguchi Junnosuke who was telling jokes with Hikaru and making Inoo spray his water through his nose because he was laughing too much, Koyama Keiichiro who brought ramen for Yokoo because that guy needed skin on his bones and there was also Kato Shigeaki, who wanted to leave but couldn't right now because Koyama was the one with the car.

Sanada immediately looked for his other band mates with whom he usually had lunch. He spotted Kamei, at the table where BEST was, sitting on Yabu's lap. Yuuma vaguely wondered if the bone bag Yabu was could really handle Kamei's weight... Either Yabu had super legs that didn't match his chest or Taku probably weighed a lot less than what Yuuma thought? Whatever, they looked cute like this, with Kamei 'force feeding' Yabu each time he said something that made the others laugh but made his boyfriend blush.

Kamei's eyes met Sanada's and he waved and then showed his index finger to indicate that he was to be there in a minute. He got off of Yabu's lap and leaned down to kiss him, getting all sort of catcalls from Daiki, who just wanted to keep his lunch. Before, Kamei and Yabu didn't show such displays of affection so freely but lately, they had been pretty open about those and were simply adorable. Never over the top, too. . . Well, most of the time.

Sanada looked away, to respect them even if they were showing affection in a public place. Well, place full of Johnny's didn't exactly count as a public place, at times. Anyone could do anything they want, as long as there were no guys younger than 13.

"Oh, gross." Nozawa commented, grimacing in disgust. That earned him a bop on his head from his partner.

Soon enough, after getting teased by Kitayama about how the date went, a very red Kamei walked to his friends, a bento box in hand.

"I can give you fun ideas for the next times~!" Hiro shouted from the Kisumai corner and Kamei just hid his face against the first person he found, who was a very surprised Nozawa.

Yuuma just giggled at the sight. Nozawa and Kamei almost hugging... he took a picture of it with his phone, just to be able to laugh about it in ten years.

Though, it didn't take to long before the two boys pushed each other away.


This triggered a fit of laughter in the cafeteria.

"Hey, that guy's mine, Nozawa, find your own~!" Yabu teased, shaking a very fierce looking sandwich in the air.

No way in hell that I'd want any of that.

"Sure, Yabu-kun, all yours." Yuuki forced a smile to appear on his face. Hypocrisy wasn't a good thing, but it saved him from some awkward situations.

Deciding to end his friends' torture, Sanada asked a question. "Where's Hasshi?"

Just when he said the name, people started to whisper in the cafeteria.

"Isn't Hasshi Takaki's boyfriend?"
"Whoa, Senga, you're so slow."
"He's a turtle boy, of course he's slow, ne, Miyacchi."
"MISTER SEA TURTLE, YOKOO.... and why am I so behind?"
"They broke up. Then, Takaki dated Chinen."
"CHILD PORN! I'm not listening anymore, Taipi!!"
"Who talked about sex, Senga?!"
"Sex? Where?"
"Shut up, Hiro."
"What the?! Bakaido, respect me, you punk!"
"What d'you call me, old timer?"
"Shoooorties, you shouldn't fight. Hiro, you know Nika is just a kid, you can't fight him."
"Anyhow, they broke up, too. And I heard Chinen is dating Hasshi."
"Dating your ex's ex is against male rules~!"
"What male rules?"
"The ones that don't apply to you because you're not all male, Tama."
"Oh yeah, those... HEY!"

The small sound of something breaking was heard and everyone turned to where it came from. A chopstick, or the two pieces of it, that had broken in Takaki Yuya's hold.

"...Takaki-kun?" Yamada asked, "You okay?"

The older boy had been glaring at the Kisumai corner ever since Hashimoto's name and his had been placed in the same sentence. Did these guys know the meaning of whispering? Loud idiots who didn't know how to keep their mouths shut and...

"What?" Takaki snapped at the Tantei Gakuen Q star. The boy pointed his hand and the tall brunette looked at it, noticing how he just broke his chopstick in two. "... sorry, didn't mean it. Do not mind me, guys." He said, putting the broken stick down.

At this moment, two boys entered the place, hand in hand. A tall boy and a much shorter one, who both got blank stares from everyone.

"....so it's true." Totsuka broke the silence.

Another breaking sound. Now Takaki had to bear with having to watch his precious Yuuri holding hands with the bastard of the century. Wonderful. He watched as Hasshi whispered something to Chinen and gave him a quick kiss on his lips, which made some boys whistle or go 'awww' at them. He closed his lunch box, his appetite vanished.

Hasshi gave a light smack to Chinen's butt, "He's green with jealousy." He whispered before the little guy went to his friend Yamada. He then turned around and joined his band mates, who were all standing together for some reason.

"Yo." Hasshi said in the most casual way.

Don't 'yo' us like this was completely normal.

Sanada didn't really feel all comfortable with the new Hasshinen couple, even when he read about it on Yuto's gossip mail.

"Oh, hey. We've been waiting for you." He said as he walked to the table where they usually had lunch, his friends following close. "Not like you to be late for a meal. Where have you been?" He asked, not really sure he wanted to know.

"Cuddling with Yuu-chan, sorry." Hasshi said as he sat down and put his lunch box on the table.

"Who the hell is 'Yuu-chan'?" Nozawa asked, getting a 'you're an idiot' look from Kamei and Sanada.

"Yuu...ri. Chinen Yuuri." The tall boy pointed his 'boyfriend' across the room.

Great, more JUMP love.

The slightly JUMP-hating boy thought, "...Oh, him. I always thought you hated him and thought of him as vermin."

"I thought so too... but he turns out to be something completely different." Hasshi shrugged.

Sanada didn't really like that the topic was turning around this right now and he decided to distract himself from it a bit.

"Yo, Kamei, what's in the box?" Yuuma pointed.

Kamei looked at his bento box and then back at his Kinpachi partner, "Food, genius." He said, opening the said bento box.

Sanada stared at it, and so did the two others. "What's this?!"

The resident Australia boy of the bunch raised an eyebrow, "Been dieting too much, mate?" He asked. "It's food. Foooood, dammit." The rest of the gang started laughing at him.

"Dude, that's kyaraben!" Hasshi pointed a panda shaped onigiri in the box, "Your little sister's lunch?"

"I'm an only child." Kamei looked at the panda-shaped food. "Besides, mates...It's still food."

"Girly food."

"Childish food."

Then, Nozawa, who was having a kick out of seeing his enemy so embarrassed by the two other guys, noticed something. Something pink and square that stuck out from the furoshiki cloth that was around Kamei's lunch. It was a piece of paper, with a few words on it.

'Please enjoy the lunch and have a good day! ♥'

Nozawa snorted. Kamei's mother still put notes in his lunches?

His mother signs with her first name?... Wait... I wasn't able to pronounce her first name when I met her...

Yuuki remembered the times when he had to go to Kamei's place.

He placed the paper on his lap, to keep it out of sight. "Kamei, what's your mom's name already?"

"Mom." Kamei replied, "Just why do you want to know?"

"Because I remember it's a pretty name but I can't pronounce it."

"Teiraa....?" Sanada tried to say it, "...argh. It's Kamei-san."

Taku snorted, "You should work on pronouncing Taylor, Sanada. Taylor Kamei is my mom's name." He said. His mother was, like him, born in an English country and she got an English name because of that. Sometimes, Taku wondered how life would have been if he was called William or something as English... Oh, he would be angry for not being able to pronounce it himself.

Taylor? Nozawa looked down at his lap and at the paper, then smirked, "And you say you have no sisters?"

"I'm an only child." He repeated, "...what are you? Inspecting my life?"

Nozawa's smirk grew into a grin, "Just... discovering my band mates a bit. That's all." He said, slipping the paper in his pocket. "Your mom has a lovely name."

"...whatever, mate." The oldest shrugged and ate the onigiri panda's ear.

They continued to eat and Sanada stared at his taller band mate. He knew there was something fishy about him dating Chinen and all that business. He knew his friend hated this boy with a passion, why would they date now all of a sudden? Did they like each other for real? Was that kiss earlier only for the show? Were they really going to last? It was just weird to Sanada that the two former enemies who both happened to be Takaki's exes were now dating and so out about it.

Why do I care? It's none of my business. He told himself.

"So, guys. Going to the Christmas party?" Hashimoto asked his mates. "Have your gifts for the Secret Santa?"

Kamei nodded, "I will. Kouta insists that I go... and that I help him find a present for the Secret Santa."

"I might pass the party... but I will give my present." Sanada said.

"I still don't know if my mom will let me go." Nozawa added. "And it's hard to find the guy I picked, lately."

Hasshi snorted because Nozawa was older than him but still needed mom's approval to go to places. Ryousuke didn't, he only had to tell his parents where he was and they weren't going to make a big deal out of it.

"Well, make it to the party; Koyama will have a cow or two if you don't."

The three others looked at Hasshi, and then at each other, "That's impooooossible."

"Oh, guys, I will."

A voice from behind them said. "WHOA." They all looked up at a magically appearing Koyama, who had a whining Shige at his arm.

"I maybe will not at the party, but guys, be there. I work hard for this." The Shounen club captain said, though he didn't want to admit that he still hadn't found a place for it. This was the kind of thing about Koyama's plans that he wouldn't share yet, no telling the boat is leaking before it sinks. "I have spies in there! So yeah, please be there."

"Can we go now, Kei-chan?" Kato asked, "You promised you were going to go with me when I buy my new iPod, I want it now!"

Koyama sighed, and then smiled at the juniors. "I have a rock star that needs his music, so, I'll see you guys soon." He said before being dragged away by a music deprived Shige who was about to kill someone if he didn't have a replacement for his old iPod that Nyantai broke.

Yes, it was Koyama's cat's fault. Actually, it wasn't. Shige broke it but blamed in on Nyantai and buried it in the cat litter and told Koyama the cat did it, with really puffy red eyes. The older thought his dear Shige had been crying, so he said he'd buy another for him... But that was actually Shige's allergies acting up. Lying was wrong, but, hey, he couldn't blame Wagahai. He wasn't even real.

"Okay, so, yeah." Hasshi concluded, "You're all going to show up. End of statement."
22nd-Nov-2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
lunch box incident...~
or at least the prelude to disaster as people would say.

*pets takaki*
23rd-Nov-2008 02:07 am (UTC)
Hehehehehehe, I want more Hasshinen? But I guess that's coming soon?
29th-Nov-2008 09:57 pm (UTC)
Keito: Yuuki's adorable parfum... It has been a legend to me! I miss Takahasshi; in the beginning, it wasn't the case but I guess I fell in love for them both!

"With friends like you, who needs enemies?" >> XDDD

And Kisumai's conversation was so funny, I cried when I laugh!! (love Hiro & tamachan!)

Congrats for finding so funny situations, and humour... And such perfect reactions!! (I love!!!)
> Good luck for the rest!!! =)

30th-Nov-2008 12:28 am (UTC)
Yuuki's adorable smell?! Horrible, you mean! What Sanada meant was that Nozawa smelled bad. (Je veux dire que Sanada dit que Nozawa sent tellement mauvais après les pratiques qu'il pense que son visage peut en fondre.)
30th-Nov-2008 11:56 am (UTC)
Hai Hai ^^
Keito loves irony =)
30th-Nov-2008 11:57 am (UTC)
sorry, it was me but I forgot to put my lj user name XD
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