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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 16: Friday'd! 
24th-Oct-2008 10:16 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter 16: Friday'd!
Pairings: Team evil.
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warnings : Boys in love with each other? References to boi secks!?
Disclaimer: Uhhhhhhhh. No.
Summary: Hasshi says that the best way to make people talk about something is making a scandal out of it.

Chinen Saya was the observant kind. She could notice if something was different about something or someone the second she sees that thing or person... and something about her brother was totally off. He had been acting weird lately.

Saya stood in their shared room's door frame, "Chinen Yuuri, what's with you?" She asked, her tone was dry and dead serious and she really wanted the answer because it was the sixth time she asked that question today.

Yuuri, turned from the mirror to her. "Can't a guy just look good without a reason?"

Saya shook her head, "No."

"Why?" The younger of the two Chinen siblings asked.

"You look way too suspicious." The girl pointed her little brother, "You get your pretty clothes, do your hair in a different way and hunt imaginary zits. You Johnny's aren't even human; you don't have zits... or genders for that matter."

"If you have no point, woman, then put a sock in it. Tsk." He tutted.

His sister approached him and pinched his cheek, "Can't a sister be curious about what her precious little bro is up to?" She asked, "You usually don't even bother trying to look good for your little gamers' threesomes with the if-they-weren't-gay-and-underage-I-might-consider-dating-them team."

Yuuri twitched at what his sister just said, disturbing images appearing in his mind. Yamada. Yuto. Him. Together? Ew. And either of the Yamajima duo dating his sister would mean Yuuri would have to choke a bitch who will not necessarily be his sister. This was why Yuuri told his sister that Yamada and Yuto were boys who liked boys.

"So? I wanna try a new style."

"Boyfriend is coming, right?" Saya asked, grinning like the evil woman she was.

How does she know?!

"Maybe, so what? That's so NOT of your business, Saya!" Chinen pointed a very threatening flat iron. It was on 'off' but she didn't have to know.

The doorbell rang at that moment. Uh oh!

"I'll get it!" Both Chinen siblings called out and then they ran for it, pushing each other in the stairs, kicking and pulling each other's hair, like siblings do.

I'm almost there!

Though, when the small boy expected it less, his sister tackled him against a wall, showing off what ice hockey taught her. What? She wasn't only a figure skater.

The younger brother looked in horror as his sister opened the door.

"Hi, Taka--- Wowee." Saya interrupted her sentence by an expression of surprise. "Lemme guess, you changed new hair?" She asked the person who was logically supposed to be Takaki Yuya...?

Hasshi stood on the Chinen family's doorstep, looking down at the person who opened the door for him.

"...Chinen, I heard you're a nut case but why the hell do you dress as a girl when you're home?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. This looked like Chinen, really, it did. And Chinen was girly... but the miniskirt was a bit too much, if you ask Hasshi.

"Oh, I do it because it's so much fun~ or maybe because I really am a girl, wanna find out?" Saya giggled but soon found herself being pushed out of the way by a little person who needed her to go away.

"Don't pretend you're me!" He told her and pulled Hasshi inside his house, closing the door behind him.  Enough fooling around, sister wasn't needed today.

"YOU SUCK, SAYA." The small boy yelled as he dragged Hasshi down to the basement where the Video Game Nights and sleepovers always took place. The older of the two boys barely had time to take his shoes off that the small guy pulled him away, almost carrying him.

Yuuri almost slid down the stairs with his factice boyfriend but made it downstairs safely.

"Sorry about that, she would have made you go through the 'Who still wants to be Yuuri's boyfriend after this quiz!' initiation thing." He said, remembering how Takaki almost failed a few questions but eventually won. "Sit somewhere?"

The older boy did as he was told, sitting on the couch that was in front of a TV that Chinen obviously used for video games, since there was a Wii on it.

"What?" Ryousuke said. Was there really such a thing as boyfriend initiations?

Yuuri sat next to him, "It's just a few questions to see if the person taking the quiz is good enough to be my boyfriend by my sister's standards." Chinen explained, deciding that this was a bad topic, "But I guess you won't take it."

Hasshi shook his head at that. There was no way in hell that he would want to go through that kind of dumb quiz.

"Fine... Glad you could make it, though, Hashimoto-kun" Chinen said, "But... I still don't know why you insisted on coming to my house... and to video game night with Yamajima?... The smaller of the two admitted, tiling his head to the side with a slightly puzzled expression. After all, all that Hasshi told him before showing up was I'm crashing at your place... Where is it?

Hasshi opened the bag that was at his feet, now. "I just wanted to act suspicious." He answered.

Now it was Chinen's turn to be confused, "Huh?"

"We have to act properly! When people ask us stuff, we could end up saying different things and that's bad for credibility." Hasshi said, pulling out a small bracelet from his bag. It was a silvery chain and the middle link was heart shaped.

"Happy birthday, again... Oh, to hell with a reason. Just wear it."

Chinen stared at the shiny item, "Did you steal this?"

"No, why?" Ryousuke was quite insulted by Chinen suspecting him to be a shoplifter.

The Hey!Say!JUMP member shrugged, "Because you're a junior. You have peanuts as a salary and there is no way in Disney that you could afford something like this."

This was just plain rude of the JUMP boy. Though it was true that Hasshi didn't make millions out of being a junior, he was trying to make a dream come true and no matter how shitty his pay might be, he knew that something bigger will happen someday and it will be worth it... No, Hasshi had no idea how much money JUMP could make, but Chinen lived through the junior stage, too! Couldn't he have a bit more respect?

Must not strangle. The older boy told himself.

"It's a fangirl's present, she asked me to marry her and bought this for me. Since I'm not allowed to wear what fans give me, you can wear it because it's not from your fan, it's from me." He explained.

The other boy blinked as he held his tiny wrist up so Hashimoto tied the piece of jewelry around his wrist.

That's still very cheap of you... what to expect, you're a junior.
Not that Chinen got a lot of money from JUMP but he got a bit more than juniors who have been there for decades.

"Okay, but why do I have to wear it?" Yuuri asked, looking at the shiny bracelet.

"Because I want Yuto to notice it." Hasshi told the small one, "Because I want us to end up on his Bubka-mail crap."

Chinen blinked, "You mean 'Hear!Say!Shock'?"

"Yes, that." Hasshi confirmed, nodding. Who cared about the name? It was just gossip mail that kept on changing its name.

"Is this an invitation to commit social suicide with you?!" The small boy asked, his voice squeaking near the end of the question. That was the only answer Chinen could come up with when Hasshi told him that he wanted them to be a hot topic on the Johnny's gossip mail. "Why the fizz would we do that?"

Hasshi shrugged, "Rumors are the best ways to scandals and people talk about scandals. Since Yuto's junk mail stays in the jimusho, this can psyche Takaki out a bit and when he'll hear the word, I guarantee the plan will start for real. There's no flaw in this, it's not like the real Bubka will ever hear about it."

"...one thing fails, though. Yuto has no interest in my jewelry because he knows my mom buys those for me." Chinen stated. The only accessories he wore now were from his mother, the ones Takaki gave him were in a box under his bed, except for his ring that he wore on a chain as a necklace.

The older boy thought about it a bit, "No problem. I know something that will catch his attention." Hasshi replied and leaned toward Chinen, pulled the shoulder of his shirt down to expose his neck a bit and pressed his lips to the boy's neck, pulling him close so he was almost sitting on his lap.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Chinen shrieked, freaking out at his fake boyfriend's actions. "Ra--" The tiny boy's yell for help was cut off by Hasshi's hand over his mouth.

The older boy pulled away to glare at Yuuri, "It's just a freakin' hickey!" He stated, trying to avoid the boy yelling the same thing Yamajima yelled some time before. That word meant a visit to Johnny's office, which wasn't fun.

"If you yell 'rape', you're getting your dumb Takaki yourself...!"

Chinen nodded and waited for Hasshi to remove his hand before apologizing.  "Sorry..."

He then sat properly on Hasshi's lap, straddling him and facing him to make this easier. He let Ryousuke put his lips back on his neck, blushing. This was something that only Yuya did to him so far and it felt weird to have Hasshi sucking at his skin like this. Or biting his skin for that matter.

"Nnnh..." The small boy whimpered softly when he felt Hasshi's teeth on him and clutched at the older male's shirt.

Upon hearing Chinen's whimper, Hasshi wasn't sure about his motives anymore. Maybe it was because of the fact that he hasn't touched anyone in months.

"Almost done..." He said, looking at the slightly pink patch of skin on Chinen's perfectly smooth skin.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard going down the stairs.

"Hey, Yuuri, your friends are here and... wooaaah." Chinen's sister was in the stairs with Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto at her side, who both had Wii Remotes in hand.

"THIS IS SO NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!" They both yelled as Chinen shuffled away from Hasshi. This really felt like déjà vu for both of them.

"Yeeeeeeeeeah riiiiiiiiight." Saya whistled low at them. "Seriously, kids, where are your condoms at? And your discretion?"

Yamada dropped his Wii Remote in shock and Yuto went to a corner of the basement and started writing something with his phone.

"Hum, my mom asked me to text her when I arrived!" The Gossip King said, hurrying away from them.

Hasshi smirked.

That was way too easy.
25th-Oct-2008 03:19 am (UTC)
You depress my Takakis so easily.
25th-Oct-2008 06:08 am (UTC)
Hahahahahahaha! Hasshi approves muchly and so do I.
25th-Oct-2008 12:14 pm (UTC)

sorry but that kind of winz XD

can't wait to read about the aftermath of Yuuto's "Hey!Say!WhocaresthatBubkaFridayandwhatevergossipmagazineshave
beeninexistence beforeHeisei" digest?

31st-Oct-2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
This chapter was too funny XD
I love Hasshi's way of acting!

I love this fic! *cheers*
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