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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 15.5: The New Dawn 
2nd-Oct-2008 10:37 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter 15.5: The New Dawn
Pairings: RTFF (Read The Freakin' Fanfic)
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warnings : Boys in love with each other? References to boi secks!?
Disclaimer: Buy me a Johnny for Christmas!

Hashimoto Ryousuke, Sanada Yuuma, Kamei Taku and Nozawa Yuuki went to practice today and already, they weren't sure if they really wanted to go anymore.

"He's dead! He's dead!" Yelled Arioka in the hallway who was running like a head-less chicken, which was already pretty alarming because he couldn't calm down at all. Nozawa's eyes brightened up for some reason and Sanada pulled the boy's cap over his eyes to avoid calling him an idiot.

When they walked in the practice room, they saw the chaos that went on here. There was a boy on the floor, Yabu Kouta and an unknown adult crouched over him. Hikaru was explaining his view on this to Inoo, who was totally horrified. Yuto and Yamada were hugging each other trying to not cry for their unconscious band-mate because Keito said that he can hear them and that crying would alarm him. Ryutaro was running all around in panic while Takaki was in a corner, with his head down.

"What happened?" Sanada was the first one to ask the question everyone wanted to ask.

"No idea.... but from the look on Kouta's face, it doesn't look good at all." Kamei said, pointing his boyfriend who looked stressed out as the man with him was giving him instructions to follow. Every once in a while, the leader would tell people to make more space for Chinen.

Nozawa looked at the immobile boy on the floor, "Do you think he's dead?" He asked, almost sounding like this would be a good thing.

"Don't be stupid, there would be a lot more chaos if he was." Hasshi said, then caught running little Ryutaro by his shirt and made him stop his little race against stress, "You. Tell us what happened."

So Ryutaro told everything, from Chinen's unhealthy looks, altered attitude problem and his little confrontation with Yabu, which made Kamei gasp. "And when Takaki-kun walked in, Chinen-kun fell to the floor, without warning... He usually lands those and when he doesn't, he gets up right away...I'm kind of worried." He admitted, looking over at his 'fallen' friend, "And Takaki, that failed boyfriend, he doesn't do anything!" The little boy stomped off, thinking that this guy needed a kick to his ass. Which was why he was going to get a buff junior to do it!

So, it's Takaki's fault...? Hasshi looked over at the guy who looked major depressed. Their eyes met for half a second and the older groaned and looked away from him.

Kamei walked to the boy on the floor and the two males taking care of him. He simply wanted to be mental support for his boyfriend who looked like he was about to break down and throw himself out the window.

"Is he alright?" He asked as he placed an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders.

"I know first aid, but he's the pro." Yabu said as he leaned his head against Taku's, unhappy with the fact that he wasn't able to prevent this. Maybe if he made Chinen go back home, he wouldn't have had to call for a health professional's help...

"Chinen-kun is fine, nothing's broken and he apparently didn't fall on his head. Though, check for back pains." The man who was with Yabu got up, "He should have woken up since a bit, but, no worries. He's not exactly unconscious anymore. He is asleep and will wake up later. I suggest a lot of rest after this." He said, but then, his phone started to vibrate. "Call me again if there's something wrong with him, Kouta... I have to run to the hospital, they need me."

Yabu nodded, "Thanks for coming. I appreciate it, nii-chan."

Kouta's doctor brother left them and Yabu decided he should give Chinen some more space.

"Okay, everyone, we're going to move Chinen so we can have practice even though..." He said looking up, "Takaki, you should probably stay, he'd surely like you by his side when he wakes up." He decided. Takaki was Chinen's boyfriend after all... He'd tell a member of 7 to do it, but Takaki would probably make him feel safer?

The boy who the leader called shook his head, "He'd probably think of me as the reason why he fell... I rather not, Yabu." Yuya said, looking up with slightly red eyes that clearly indicated that he just cried over this.

"I can stay with him." Hasshi raised his hand. "I mean, not that I want to, but I know the routine pretty well already and there has to be someone to do it, no?"

Takaki groaned, "No way in hell, Hashimoto."

Ryousuke turned and brought his face close to his ex's. "Listen, I know what he has, you don't. Let me deal with that." He whispered, "He's not even your boyfriend anymore, so, why do you care?"

Takaki took a step back in surprise, wondering how the heck Hashimoto figured it out so easily even if he didn't tell anyone about it yet. It wasn't like it was written on his face after all! He looked down in defeat as Yabu agreed and let Hasshi and Sanada carry Chinen to another room where the boy could rest, far away from the noise.

In the hallway, the two boys who were carrying the small JUMP member were having a little problem. Chinen, even if he was small, was pretty heavy. Almost 100 pounds of pure muscle, that was something.

Finding his band-mate's silence disturbed him a little, so, Sanada decided to ask about the situation. "What are you doing, Hasshi?"

"Carrying a midget who was a victim of Bakaki." The other answered, as they reached the door to a room where it would be safe to put the midget.

Victim? The member from Kinpachi decided to not ask about this, Ryousuke apparently knew something he didn't know. "Okay, but, why do you want to do it."

"Shut up and open the door, okay?" The younger said as he held Chinen all by himself.

"....and why here?" Yuuma asked, opening the door that he recognized as a 'shove-it-in' closet. They were easy to locate, the doorknobs weren't the same color as the other costume storage rooms.

Hasshi rolled his eyes, "Because it's the only place I know that has a couch where we can dump him. It's clean, too. Most of the time."

Point. "Well, I'm leaving you, someone has to make sure Nozawa and Kamei don't kill each other..." Sanada said after they put the boy on the couch, "...Please don't end up on Y-Shock, okay? Be careful." He said, thinking that he wouldn't be able to see his friend's name on those mails anymore. He was a hot gossip topic and as long as he had Yuto 'scooping' on him, Hasshi should be careful about that.

Ryousuke nodded, "Yeah, I know." He said, "See you later."

The door was closed when Sanada left the two boys alone.

"Alright, you can wake up, now." Hasshi said, poking Chinen's side. "You've been awake for at least ten minutes, now..."

HOW did he figure me out?!

Truth was that Chinen really didn't want to wake up.

"Chinen. This isn't the first time you fail to land one of your flashy stunts, and I saw you falling and hurt yourself... and laughed about it a few times, too." The standing boy said firmly as he sat next to him and decided to go back to topic, "You can pretend to be in a coma if you like, cry, or maybe quit eating... but it won't bring Takaki back."

At that, the little boy's eyes opened, they were wide and tears were threatening to fall again. He was sad, ashamed with his little masquerade, confused and his back hurt a bit, nothing he's never been through, but it wasn't comfortable at all...

Why did Hashimoto know exactly what was wrong with him?

"If that cheers you up..." Ryousuke pulled the boy in a sitting position, held him and whispered to his ear, "Happy birthday."

Happy birthday?

That guy had the worst timing in the world... but then, he thought about it. Hasshi did say he was going to give him something for his birthday... "Thank you?" Chinen sniffed and began to cry upon remembering what happened on said birthday.

"I'd say I'm sorry for the break-up, but I'm not. I don't even know how it happened. I just know it did and that I was a reason for it, because your bulldog boyfriend still wants to bite me." Ryousuke said. He didn't want to really get all close to Chinen, he had something to ask and he wanted to do so before the end of practice time because Tottsu was going to take him home and he wasn't as patient as Hiro.

No, I want YOU to regret it!

It was all Hashimoto's fault after all. If he never existed, or moved to Brazil, Chinen and Takaki would still be together and getting ready to get married!

"How it happened?!" The younger of the two snapped, his voice broken by a sob. "It's all your fault!" He pushed the other away from him. "If you never sent me that mail, he wouldn't have broken up with me! Besides... we didn't break-up, we're on a break!" He tried to do not sound like he 'lost' to his ex-boyfriend's other ex.

"Yeah, right." Hasshi snickered sarcastically, "Continue to tell yourself stuff like this and let's see if he comes back." He snorted, "I bet he already has his plan B and dumped you because he planned to do it all along. Everyone knows. Don't you read Y-Shock?" He asked him.

Hasshi shook his head. "You really think someone who really loves you would break up over an innocent text message?" He paused, waiting for Chinen to object, "Nuh-uh, so, it's not my fault. At all."

The small boy didn't want to admit it, but Hashimoto was right. It wasn't that guy's fault at all, it was Yuya's. He didn't let Chinen explain or even asked about it more, he just assumed that he cheated, even if Yuuri never even considered cheating. Maybe have a break, yes, but never cheat!

"You have a few options starting from here." The tall male said, slouching back on the couch. "Either you go crawling back to him and beg for him to take you back, move on or..." He smirked, "Do like me and try to make him regret it. In my case, it was more out of jealousy, but... you can have him back if you do that."

Chinen looked up with his big teary eyes, hoping that the other boy wasn't just pulling his leg. "...how do I do that?"

Hasshi looked at the small boy and still found it impossible that they were the same age because Chinen was just so unripe and childish.

"Not getting the hint yet?" He asked him, "Make him jealous before he does it and makes you cry again." He saw that the small JUMP member didn't get that. "Make him crawl back to you instead. Get yourself someone else and make him want to be that person. There is not a man that can get any more jealous than Takaki Yuya."

Now, the little light bulb in Chinen's head lit up.

"No way..." He gasped.

Make Yuya jealous. How could he do that? That was impossible! Chinen was the king of clinginess and if Takaki saw him clinging to someone else, he wouldn't think he's got a new someone in his life.

"But... who could pretend to be my boyfriend?" He asked. "Yama-chan, maybe? He's a good actor."

"Oh, God, you're so slow." Hasshi face-palmed then pointed himself, "Me, damnit."

Now, the JUMP acrobat froze and furrowed his eyebrows in thought. "You? HA." He laughed sardonically, "And why should I choose you out of all people?! Should I remind you that I hate you?"

The taller boy put a hand on Chinen's shoulder and made him look at him, "Listen. My goal is to make Takaki suffer. Yours is to have him back... If we do it, we accomplish both goals. He gets jealous of me and agonizes over that... and he totally wants you anyways, he loves you, so he'll want you back very badly... At some point, I'll be satisfied, I'll break up with you, he'll take you back, I'll move on and find something else to do than waste my time over this... but now, I really want vengence."

In Yuuri's head, this didn't sound so stupid. But at the same time, it was Hasshi. He wanted to poke his eyes out or something!

"Besides, Chinen..." The older male said, smirking, "We already have the first kiss covered..."

Now, seriously, if he was a girl, the little acrobat would have slapped this guy... But since Chinen was a boy, slapping wouldn't fit.

"You're gross."

The little guy replied, grimacing in disgust and trying to dry the tears that kept flowing on his face even if he didn't feel like crying anymore.

"...but you're not dumb."

Chinen inched closer to him, staring at the face of the boy he wanted to destroy just a few days ago. He wasn't sure if he wanted to hurt him, anymore, since he wanted to help Chinen into having his boyfriend back... but he was still a bastard for having plans to make Yuya suffer.

"Ne, boyfriend?"

The junior boy's ears tingled at the sound of the word 'boyfriend'. Did the little vermin really call him this?

"So, you agree?" Hasshi asked, "If you decide that we really do it, don't chicken out the next second."

That sounded like a challenge and Chinen takes on any challenge.

"Oh, yeah?" The boy asked as he shifted and sat in Ryousuke's lap.

Hasshi raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing?"

"Just take this as a seal to this alliance?" He said, leaning close to the older boy's face, tilting his head a little and...

Back in the practice room, Takaki was pacing while the others were dancing. It still bothered him to know that Hasshi was somewhere with his unconscious ex-boyfriend. He didn't want to break up with Chinen but it was the damn jealousy!

"ARGH!" He kicked a wall and faced it, not able to concentrate on dancing.

Yabu, who saw that, decided that he should send someone to see what was up with Chinen's condition.

"Yamajima," He called the two boys, who immediately stopped dancing upon hearing their leader. "Go see Chinen-kun, will you?" He told them.

"No idea where he is." Yamada said on behalf of both of the BFF duo. They'd never been in 'shove-it-in' closets before, it was only normal that they didn't know where they were.

"Okay, Sanada-kun, please go with them." Yabu asked the boy who placed Chinen there with Hasshi in the first place. Yuuma sighed, but obliged, after all, he was the only person who could actually help out with that.

On their way, Sanada observed how Yamada and Yuto looked so worried over Chinen. Ah, member love, that was always so nice to see...

"It's here." The oldest boy announced and pushed the door open... and what he saw definitely was on his 'last things to see before quitting' list.


Sanada was stunned. Sanada Shock! He couldn't believe that.

Hashimoto Ryousuke over Chinen Yuuri, making out, in a 'shove-it-in', while the boy was sick. Didn't Hasshi hate him anyways?! This was going to be hell to explain to Yabu and it was going to be even harder to actually believe whatever Hasshi was going to say to deny that... Too bad for that 'do not end up on Y-Shock!' comment from earlier, the writer of that weekly gossip article was right here.

Hasshi and Chinen had found themselves in a horizontal position due to Chinen's 'seal of engagement' kiss getting a bit too elaborate... They ended up making out on the couch and now Sanada and the two others saw them.

The both of them looked up, not really sure of what to tell the guys who just walked in on them...

Oh, great... Chinen thought. He knew what was going on in the two other 7 members' head: Exactly the same thing that would be in any under 16 Johnny's boy's head.

Yuto looked at Yamada, panicked. The taller boy's mind would usually jump to conclusions right away, and that was what it did. Hasshi was over their little band-mate, the small boy's eyes were still red from crying, the older of the two had the little wrists pinned to the couch with one of his hands and the other was very obviously about to get under Chinen's shirt...

Yamada looked at Yuto, confused. Even if Yamada was usually the kind who would think or ask about the situation, he couldn't help it, it looked like something and he wasn't about to ask for confirmation. It could be too late to save Chinen already!

Upon seeing something like that, the two young boys learned to do one thing, due to not being able to defend anything or anyone, screaming was the answer.


They yelled together in an extremely high-pitched tone that outdid Chinen's voice and then they both ran toward the practice room to alert an older boy or two.


No, this day was not over for the JUMP leader yet.
3rd-Oct-2008 04:17 am (UTC)
*stabs Yuto* Could he be anymore uuuuugh?!

Hasshi: *winz!* XDDDDD

Yayaaaayayayyyayayay! Hasshinen. ♥
3rd-Oct-2008 04:38 am (UTC)



"Me, damnit."

iLove!! ♥

And poor Sanada...XD

Hasshi's and Chinen's grand master plan...mh...
I want to know who's going to be Takaki's new one damnit!
*rabus cali chou berry mucho*
*pre-uni spazz*
3rd-Oct-2008 12:38 pm (UTC)
AHH, WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON MY FUTURE HUBBY *cries* And you still don't get why my Takakis' are all freaked out by this fic? Hasshi is freaky~!!!!!! @_@

*huggles Takaki* *goes to read happy TakaHasshi*

Rape XD Go, Yamajima.
8th-Oct-2008 12:19 am (UTC)
8th-Oct-2008 01:45 am (UTC)
5th-Oct-2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Machiavelic Hasshi is baaaaaack!!!
*I love!*

Lesth: RAPE??? not good at all.. Why this Shove it in doesn't have any key to close it from the interior? I thought privacy was a priority for the Johnny's!!
Keito: Privacy has nothing to do IN the Jimusho!
Lesth: One day, you'll anderstand how you'll need privacy... (what I will do of your private life in Hayashi's going to make you regret these words... hahaha *machiavelic mood too*!!)

> CONGRATULATING!! > you for this humourous part!! ^^
> HAPPY!! > to read the fic again!!! :p
> WAITING!! > For how you're going to write Yabu's maternal instict towards his child attacked by a extraJUMP!! XD
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