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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 15: Crash and Fall 
29th-Sep-2008 11:24 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter Fifteen: Crash and Fall
Pairings: Broken TakaChii, much?
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warnings : Boys in love with each other? References to boi secks!?
Disclaimer: In Twilight zone, yes, I own.

Sleeping, dreaming, eating, talking and smiling. Those were all things that Chinen Yuuri usually had no problem with... but ever since this very nasty break up with Takaki Yuya... He was in shambles. The usually so carefree and energetic boy was like some sort of undead and he didn't feel like doing anything at all. The only sound that had been heard from his mouth lately was 'no', almost like 2 years old children.

"Do you want to go for gyoza after school, Chinen-kun?"


"Do you wanna come at the arcade with us, then?"


"Let's go see an Arashi DVD together at my place, then."


"Chinen-kun.... do you want to go out with only me, then, if you don't want to go with the gang?"


Chinen watched as the girl from his class, Mineko, ran away crying after being rejected so coldly by him. All his friends were worried about him and they all wondered why the boy was like that, now, they all knew Mineko liked him but it wasn't really like Yuuri to reject her like that.

He even cut PE class a few times due to 'not feeling well', something he never did before. Usually, after school, he'd get a round of questions from his classmates about his condition but today, he had to hurry to work.

When he saw the building where rehearsal was taking place, he sighed. Why did they have to practice 'Ultra Music Power' again? Why did the choreographers always come up with ways to modify the step arrangement? Yes, he could get that it was interesting for the audience to see a 'fresh' performance of an old song, but for the performer, it could feel like hell, really. Too much for the salary they had, really.

Not too far, he noticed a car, where two people were kissing in the front seat. Anyone wouldn't recognize the two people, but he knew that it was Inoo Kei and his boyfriend Matsumoto Kouhei , who was wearing something that could make him look like a girl.

Usually, Chinen would admire these two, envy them and think that this must be pretty wonderful to be together for so long like two soul mates that never let the passion die... but now, the tiny guy thought they were utterly nauseating and thought that they should either get a room or get hit by a truck right now.

They sickened him, literally. Chinen felt something twist in his stomach and felt a little lightheaded, something was making its way up to his esophagus and he made a retching sound. He ran to a nearby trash container, dropped his bag, bent himself over the container and regurgitated. He coughed a few times and threw up again, repeating the cycle a few times until he felt completely empty.

Pulling a tissue from his pocket, he wiped his mouth and threw the used thing in the container, too. That had been happening a lot lately and it worried his parents. He told them that it was because of the constant stress he got from being an idol and said that it was normal. Lying to his parents wasn't in his habits either.

"Chinen-kun," Asked a voice from behind him. "You're so pale! Are you sick?!"

He turned and met Inoo Kei's worried look.

What do you want? My picture?

"No." He picked his bag up and went inside the building, leaving Inoo behind him without even looking back at the older guy.

Meanwhile, the rest of Hey!Say!7 and 3 members of Hey!Say!BEST in the practice room, waiting for their missing members and for ‘team Hasshi’. Yabu, Hikaru and Daiki were having a conversation about finding a girlfriend for the shortest member of BEST; Yamada was going over the choreography with Morimoto and Okamoto while Yuto was in his corner trying to sort his gossips for the next 'Hear!Say!Yuto ~ Y-Shock!' weekly rumor-confirmation mail (Which changed names again), he really thought he was doing a much better job than Uwasaman.

Hikaru was telling Daiki about how he should meet the girls from his girlfriend's band when all of a sudden, Yabu's phone rang. Text message. Blinking, Yabu wondered who that may be. He pulled his phone out and read.

"From: Inoo Kei
To: Yabu Kouta

Leader! Emergency! Chinen! I think he's sick! I saw him vomiting his guts out just now!
He said he's okay but I'm not sure about that.
Please watch out for him?

Right now, I'm in the stairs, for workout, I'll be there in 10 minutes, max. If not, please send a rescue squad.


- Inoo"

The leader boy frowned. Chinen was sick? No way in blazes, that boy was the healthiest thing since Vitamin C...which pretty much meant 'Vitamin Chinen' to Yabu.

...Well, until he saw the petite boy entering the room, canned coffee in hand. The lad's face that was usually tinted with the colors of youth looked paler than a cadaver’s; Those brown little eyes that usually were always shining with dynamism were staring in oblivion listlessly, only partly open; The little smile that always graced Chinen's features was missing and nowhere to be found, it was just a flat line on his colorless face. Yabu could see evidence of lack of sleep, too... and it made his big brother instincts tingle.

"Chinen-kun, are you okay?"

The said guy gave a nod and put his bag in a corne. Even Daiki and Hikaru could see that something was off; Chinen looked like straight out of a nightmare.

"...You're evidently not feeling very well." Yabu said, "I think it would be best if you went back ho--"

"No." Chinen answered before the group's 'mom' could finish talking. He didn't want to spend another evening alone, waiting for his folks. His parents worked until late these days and his sister only cooked and left something for him after school and left for her part-time job that happens to be only in the evening. It made him feel much lonelier.

Yabu insisted for about five minutes, telling Chinen how it would be better if he went to his house but the boy didn't want to hear nothing of what the older member of JUMP had to say.

"Holy fuck! Will you ever shut up!?" He snapped and slapped the hand Yabu placed on his shoulder, "I told you I'm okay about 23 times!" He yelled, "NO, I won't go home and yes, I am okay, mom! 24th time! Get your ears fixed for crying out loud!"

Silence in the room. The boys had more than one reason to nearly jump out of their skin: Chinen swore at their leader, raised his tone, hit him and showed a side of him that no one really expected.

Yabu looked completely shocked for a second; it must have been the first time someone reacted to his concern and kindness this way. Hikaru, who saw that the captain was 'out', decided that the second in charge (Since Inoo and Takaki weren't here, that made him second oldest) should do something. He counted the members and then, turned to the little guy, "Hey, Sparky, where's the Pedobear?"

Yuuri shrugged. "Ask Yabu, he's everyone's mother. He should know." The boy scoffed, "Can't take care of himself and he tries to bite off more than he can chew all the time." He muttered.

The two other BEST members didn't have half of their unofficial leader's tolerance; they wouldn't be able to stay nice with the bitchy Lilliputian they had to deal with today.

"Oh, you have no right to say stuff like that about Yabu when you're about as autonomous as a 3 years old kid." Said Hikaru, taking his band-mate's side, it got him really angry see that just because he was young, Chinen didn't think he could get in trouble for saying such hurtful things about a person who cared about him.

"I don't give a damn!" The undersized boy flipped the other off.

"That does it." Hikaru said as he grabbed the little acrobat by his collar "Chinen Yuuri, you have one hell of a shitty attitude and I tell you, I don't have Yabu's patience. You drop the attitude this second or I swear that I'll kick you midget as--" He stopped, noticing that a hand was placed over the one he was holding Chinen with.

It was Yabu's.

The tall and thin leader had no real expression on his face, except for disappointment, upon seeing that, Hikaru set Yuuri down even if he was still pissed. He knew that his friend often had more impact than whatever action he could take.

A loud smack sound echoed in the room and every one watched the little boy who was now looking to the side with a cheek that was reddening.

"This was for your own good." Yabu said, speaking slowly and rubbing his hand. "Practice starts now, too bad for Takaki and Inoo."

The leader boy went to where 7 were cowering all together and tried to reassure them as he could, telling them that this wasn't going to happen again. Even if Kouta was angry, it couldn't be told from only looking at his face. It was still the same gentle face they were used to see, but his feelings inside were surely not matching his expression.

Soon enough, Inoo walked in, they were only 9 JUMP members but they could start.

Now in quietness, Chinen went to rehearse with the 8 others, feeling that maybe he shouldn't have been such a jerk to the oldest member of the group. He wasn't angry at him, after all... and seeing Yabu being so quiet was actually upsetting. He was just calm and silent and his silence was like the worst admonishment Chinen ever got... It made him feel even sicker. Not only his broken heart affected his physical condition and temper, it hurt someone and got other people angry with him... What should he do, now?

Somewhere in the routine, the boys cleared the center, so Chinen could perform one of his well-known acrobatics moves. He gave himself a go to execute a somersault. During the seconds he spent in the air, when his head was upsides down, he saw someone at the door.

"Sorry, I'm late, everyone!"

The wrong person, the one his heart couldn't bear to see again for a while.


Just the thought of this boy made him lose all his focus and balance, nothing in him was reacting anymore except for the need to vomit again and the sudden urge to bawl his eyes out like he did for the last few days. Just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse.... it came all crashing down.

30th-Sep-2008 05:07 am (UTC)
ergh . . .
30th-Sep-2008 06:48 am (UTC)
it's emo!midget time omg!

and way to go captain-kun!
let's play "smack the midget"
sorry I shouldn't make fun of the emo!kid...
*mean bunny*

*goes all reporter on this*

Stay tuned people! And you will find out how Chinen recovers from his 'crash and fall' at practice...How Takaki Yuya will react to said 'crash and fall' as in...will he be a wimp and go all 'OMG CHINEN FORGIVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' or will he actually keep his cool and pull through with 'we broke up. the END'? And...will he kill Yabu later on for slapping Chinen? Or does Yabu radiate too much 'I WILL PWN YOU' aura even for Takaki to step up to him? he's had tiger-training after all...hoho Will Daiki recover his girlfriend or find a new one only to have her snatched away and burried in a forest at night by the JE MAFIA? Will Inoo ever make it to practice alive?

All of this and more in the next installment of JJ!!!!
Stay tuned~

30th-Sep-2008 01:11 pm (UTC)

(*too lazy to sign into her real LJ*)

3rd-Oct-2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
*Ohh so sad... He got cursed for his annoying Kota!mwahahaha...*

Keito: Love affairs always end this way, avoiding a normal life, and wasting energy needed for work time! Isn't the english boy prevenant in his quietness?
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