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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 14.5: All mine, all yours, but.... 
22nd-Sep-2008 10:05 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter 14.5: All mine, all yours, but....
Pairings: TakaChii
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: NC-17 because of boiz having secks.
Disclaimer: I tried to get myself some Johnny's but they said no, no, no~!
Summary: OMG break-up?

Operation Break-Up was a total failure. After that Arashi gift Takaki gave him, Chinen just knew his boyfriend really cherished him! Why break up with him if he really did love him?

Straight after watching the present DVD, Chinen tackled his dear and made out with him in ways that could really scar his sister's mind if she walked in on them. His thoughts weren't attached to anything other than Yuya, how much they loved each other and on how much he wanted to give his boyfriend just for being his boyfriend.

Before Yuuri really analyzed the circumstances, they were rolling on his bed, hearts racing, clothes gone to who-knows-where land... Their hands, lips and tongues all over each other's bodies. It just felt good to be that close to each other. Chinen thought that sex with Yuya was just like a very, extremely, tremendously intimate form of hugging. Saying it like that sounded less embarrassing.

The smaller of the two reached in his bedside table's drawer and pulled out two items they had only used on one occasion so far. A condom and the small bottle of vanilla lubricant. He placed them in Yuya's hand when he got it away from his hair... But then, the older in the pair did something weird: he handed the lube back to Chinen and discarded the condom.

"Huh?" The little guy looked up, wondering if he did something wrong this time, or if Yuya even wanted this at all... Uwaaa, what's going on? He asked himself, trying to find the answer in the dark eyes of the person over him. He knew they never actually used a condom before, but why was he giving him the lubricant back?

Takaki didn't say anything much, he just rolled them over so his petite darling was over him.

"I want you to do it." He said... and got the most puzzled expression ever as an answer. Yuuri obviously didn't understand.

"...what?" The boy on top expressed his confusion once again. "You mean, you're lazy and you want me to prepare myself for you, right?" Chinen asked, "And then I should ride you, right?" He shouldn't have listened or watched what Yuto taught him. There were things he knew now that were just too much for his little boy brain, like the name of about 60 different positions.

The older teenager shook his head, "No. I want you in me."

Chinen's brain did a back-flip in his head and it exploded.

Oh my god, no way....

The little guy never even considered doing something like this to Yuya, he didn't even know how to do it... But something in Yuya's eyes told him it was okay, that doing this would just mean that they were taking another step in their relationship.

Yuuri was so nervous, he spilled some of the lube on Yuya's abdomen and felt really silly for that... but the rest of the preparation process went okay, since the older boy let his boyfriend know if he was doing it right or wrong.

"...you really want me? Like that?" The small boy asked, to be sure Yuya wasn't about to change his mind. His older lover nodded, pulling him closer.

"Here goes..." Chinen restrained himself from adding 'nothing' to this sentence, since he wasn't so sure he'd make Yuya enjoy this since he didn't know how to do that... but the half-smile on his boyfriend's face made him more confident. After all, he was a guy and natural instinct should kick in soon.

Holding his member by the base, Chinen inserted himself inside Takaki's body, going past the small ring of muscles. This was a feeling he wasn't able to describe... He moaned wordlessly, shivering slightly as he felt the heat of the inner walls of his boyfriend's body around him. It felt extreme, like that first time, but upsides-down and totally unexpected, just like Takaki's next move...

"Ahh, Yuuri!" The boy underneath Chinen grabbed the boy on top by his butt and pulled him further inside in one go digging his nails in the flesh of the smaller teenager's butt cheeks. Yuuri could feel that his member was as deep inside Yuya as it could get and that got the both of them screaming together.

It was so unreal for the younger male. Feeling all those extremely strong feelings... Being inside Yuya, feeling his muscles clenching around his member, hearing him moan and ask for more, calling Chinen's name and touching himself...

"Yuuri!" Takaki moaned, "Yuuri!"

The sound of his voice was echoing in the boy's mind and it drove Chinen crazy. He couldn't believe that he was the one making his boyfriend feel good like this, he could hear that Yuya liked it and he could also see it, the expression of pleasure on his face couldn't lie. Takaki wanted more of this, and the little one wanted all of Yuya.

But this being his first time, the small boy didn't last too much longer. His whole body trembled as orgasm ripped through him, making him moan in pleasure as he filled his boyfriend's body with his warm semen for the very first time. Realizing that Yuya didn't climax just yet, he decided to help him.

Chinen pulled out of him and moved so his face was between his darling's legs.

"Yuu... oh, damn!" Takaki grit his teeth as he felt his lover's lips and tongue on his member, Chinen was sucking hard and even if the older male asked himself how he learnt to do that, he still enjoyed it until he reached his limit. Takaki groaned as he emptied his self in Yuuri's mouth. The little boy swallowed it and jerked Takaki off a bit more to get all of the juices he could get out of him. It tasted weird but not totally gross as he always thought it would be.

As to calm their hearts that were still beating excessively fast, they kissed, slowly, lovingly, holding each other in the moonlight flowing from Chinen's window. Yuuri was still amazed at how much Operation Break-Up failed.... But he didn't regret it, since this was much better than a heartbreak.

Once they broke the kiss, Yuya laughed breathlessly. "To say I almost listened to the BEST dorks..." He said aloud, mainly to himself.

Chinen, who was playing with the brunette's soft hair, blinked. "What did they say?" He asked, rather curious about it. Usually, he wouldn't care about BEST's opinion on their relationship but he had a feeling about what the older half of JUMP said so he wanted to know.

Takaki looked at his boyfriend. "They said you and I should split." The older of the two replied, letting out a yawn that he didn't even bother to stifle.

Chinen was confused now, "Yamajima said that too!" He said, remembering Yamada's warning and Yuto's flailing. Now, the little acrobat was rather at a loss. Why did everyone in JUMP want them to break up?

"Well, okay, they said it. So what?" The BEST member said, looking at the small person in his arms and cupping his cheek in his hand. "What do you think about it, Chii?" He asked, stroking the soft and young skin with his thumb. "Did you consider breaking up with me?"

The little one was completely under his darling's spell, as always. "No, I didn't..." He said, snuggling against the taller male, "I love you."

Yuya said nothing for an instant and just looked at his boyfriend, like he was trying to engrave this moment in his memory before blowing it to pieces.

"I did."

When he heard those words, Yuuri couldn't decide whether they surprised him or hurt him. He also noticed the lack of an answer to his three worded sentence and that made a dark cloud of insecurity appear over his little boy heart.

The feeling didn't last too long. A second later, Chinen felt his lover's lips on his shoulder, his neck and over his lips. "But I think I changed my mind..." Takaki whispered, nuzzling the little lad's neck. "I love you, too." He said and looked into the boy's face, in the eyes in which the moonlight shone so prettily.

The small lovebird kissed his dear's chin, "Now... are you staying the night or am I waking up alone again?" He asked, yawning like a little kitten.

"Kawaii..." Takaki said, then looked over at the alarm clock that showed 11:37 in bright red letters. The night was still young and so was he, Yuya definitely thought he was too young to get killed by the 5'2" former Olympian who Yuuri had as a father. "Sorry, love. My deal with Saya was that I beat it before anyone else shows up... and I think I need to call someone to pick me up because you put me out of walking shape~"

The tiny guy blushed as he reached for his pajamas, "Just use my phone, it's on the table."

Takaki stretched out an arm and reached for the gizmo. He groped around until his hand found the already opened cellphone. Not having to flip it open would totally save him some of the little energy he still had. Rubbing his eye, he brought the cellphone to him, looking at the bright screen. He was about to compose one of his siblings' number when he noticed that there was a text message on the screen. Surely Chinen put his phone down after reading it... and Takaki read it too, and he wished he never did, because it made him feel things he didn't want to feel.

"Oh, so he calls you 'baby', now, huh?!" He said, pushing Chinen away from him.

The short boy looked at the other boy, his body completely frozen by shock.

What's going on?

"What are you talking about, Yuuyan?" He asked, totally clueless about what his boyfriend was referring to.

"Don't 'Yuuyan' me, Chinen!" Yuya said, sitting up and getting off of the bed. Not without stumbling a bit and cursing the burn-like feeling he had in the butt region.

Yuuri looked at the young man who was putting his clothes back on. He didn't understanding what he was being accused of. All of this made Chinen freak out completely, he wasn't sure about anything anymore.

"Yuya! WHAT'S GOING ON? Talk to me!" The boy started to cry because he was just so confused and his boyfriend's silence just hurt more than anything he could say.

But Takaki didn't say a thing, instead he continued taking his stuff and once he had everything back on himself, he paced in silence. He was trying to make sure his way of walking was as normal as it could get. When he was satisfied with his gait, he headed for the door... When suddenly, he got tackled against the door, a small person clinging to him from behind.

"Where are you going? What's going on?" Chinen asked, desperate for an answer to his questions.

"That's none of your business anymore."

The vertically challenged guy looked up, totally puzzled. "Huh?"

"You know what?" Yuya said, looking down at the boy with an expression of disgust. "It's probably better if we do break up." He said, roughly pushing the boy away from him. "That's what's going on." He told the boy, who was staring at him with huge eyes.

"Happy birthday, Chinen."

With that last sentence, Takaki got out of the room and of Chinen's house, leaving behind a totally shattered little heart.

Yuuri sank to his knees, sobbing. What just happened here? How did it happen? Why did Yuya break up with him?

He got up and went to get his phone to call the boy who just left his home and saw on the screen. The message. That text message from Hashimoto. That was why Yuya got pissed. Then he should just call Yuya and tell him that he has nothing to do with what Hasshi wrote and that Yuya should totally ignore it... but. Takaki surely won't accept something like this from him. Not twice.


He yelled and threw his phone against the wall, with all his strength and hatred, watching in mild contentment as the gadget broke in two.

That blasted bastard. He was going to pay for that broken heart... and phone.
23rd-Sep-2008 02:14 am (UTC)
hahahahahahaha *mean*
23rd-Sep-2008 06:54 am (UTC)
omg midget buttseks!!

and man takaki.... *lol*
(nika: a midget, man...a MIDGET!! HAHAHAHAHA!)
*kicks muse*

ooh and the nasty break up~
looking forward to how this is going to develop...hehe.
3rd-Oct-2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
Keito: I with hasshi with all my heart... If I was more aware I'd be supporting him in every moment! ^^

(will find chii at the train station I guess... Waiting for a shinkansen to pass through him... sad happy birthday)
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