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ジタバタ純情 - Chapter 14: Happy Birthday! 
14th-Sep-2008 03:31 pm
Another page turned ...
Title:ジタバタ純情 ("Struggling Pure Heart.") - Chapter Fourteen: Happy Birthday!
Pairings: TakaChii
Fandom: Hey!Say! JUMP, Johnny's Junior
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warnings : Boys in love with each other? References to boi secks!?
Disclaimer: In the fourth dimension, I do own them.
Summary: It's Chinen's birthday!

Today was Friday, November the 30th.

...And that happened to be Chinen Yuuri's birthday. The boy spent the day getting hugs, presents and 'happy birthday' wishes and even got messages from everyone! To make him happy, Yabu even called his phone and sang the 'Happy Birthday' song to him, in Spanish! Really bad Spanish, in Kamei's opinion but Chinen was fascinated, because he had no idea it was possible to learn how to pronounce an 's'... Maybe he should ask Yabu's boyfriend about that 'tongue exercise' he made Yabu do so he was able to do that?

Though, there was one person who didn't really say or did anything for his special day... Takaki Yuya, his own boyfriend. Come on, even Pain Dante sent him some random green dog plush toy, and he got absolutely nothing from Takaki. Not even a text or a call...

He checked through the messages again, to make sure he didn't miss anything.

"Grow any taller than me and I'm calling the mafia. - Arioka Daiki
P.S: Happy birthday, Chinen!"

"Happy birthday, Chii-the-cutie! Come sit in my lap, soon, so I can give you a birthday hug! - Yuto"

"Hey, Sparky! You turned 14! That's awesome, you'll be front-flipping into adulthood soon! Remember, you're still not legal, so take advantage of being able to get out of trouble while you're still cute!! - Chester and Avril, from Hikaru's phone."

"Happy birthday, little bloke. Hope it's a good one! - Keito"

"14, that's two times 7. And seven is a lucky number, so, you'll get twice the luck! Or I wish so! - Inoo"

"Happy birthday to you, Chinen! I hope you like the cake I made for you! Tell me about it when you eat it, okay? - Yamada
P.S: Yuto babbled about Operation Break-Up. Everyone knows. I think something good can come out of that: If OBU doesn't happen, Yuto will be wrong and I think that would make him stop gossiping... but don't stay with Takaki-kun just because of that, I still think that you guys need the pause before something happens. Up to you now."

"My hamster says happy birthday. - Ryutaro"

He continued flipping through the messages, pouting and thinking about calling his boyfriend to cry over the phone about how ignored he felt. Then, his eyes fell on a particular message.

"Hey, baby. 30th is your birthday, isn't it? So, I wanted to say happy birthday and tell you that you'll be getting the present you really want, soon. Not telling when but you'll love it. Believe me."

Chinen's eyes shone with anticipation. Yuya was going to get him the present of his life! That was great.... or not, since he still had to break up with him.... No way! Why would he have to do that if Yuya apparently still loved him so much?

....but then his eyes fell on the name at the bottom of the text and went wide. It said 'Hasshi'.

"Hey, Yuuri! Someone at the door for you~"

He snapped out of his confusing thoughts when he heard his sister call him from downstairs. Why did Hashimoto of all people send him such a message? Why did he call him baby? What was this present?

Forget about that guy, geez! He told himself as he went down the stairs, wondering who the heck was showing up on a Friday night. He celebrated with 8 other members of JUMP earlier today, and honestly, he wasn't expecting anyone.

However, when he got to the door, he realized that maybe, yes, he had been waiting for someone.

"Yuya!" The small boy squealed and ran to pounce and hug the boy who just got his shoes off.

Takaki almost stumbled but he was able to steady himself, even if Chinen just jumped at him like a predator jumps at its prey. "Hey there." He greeted, wrapping the younger boy in an embrace, chuckling at the excitement he caused.

"Seriously, I'm glad I'm not sticking around for this." Saya, Yuuri's sister, commented. "It's all up to you, Takaki-kun... He ate and he shouldn't sleep too late, so, knock him out. Anything wrong, you have my number and I left Keika-chan's phone number on the fridge..." She took her coat and handbag, "Happy birthday, Yuuri~! Have fun~"

Yuya nodded, "I'll take good care of him, Saya-san. Thanks for trusting me." He said, winking at her.

"Hey, I have to be nice to him on his birthday and on Christmas... and besides, you're babysitting him in my place, so, thank you!" She grinned and finally opened the door to leave, "Be gone before I'm back~"

The younger Chinen stared at his sister with a confused expression. What was she talking about, crazy woman? He looked at Takaki who was still waving even though she closed the door behind her. The thing the little guy didn't know was that Takaki and Saya planned this earlier. Seeing that the Chinen parents had absented themselves to let Yuuri invite a few friends for the night (which he didn't do because he celebrated already) he asked Saya if she had something better to do than babysit the little brother. She said her friend was throwing a sleepover party and that she wanted to go, so he suggested that he babysat Yuuri for her. How nice of him?

"Yuuri, I have a present for you~" The older boy told his boyfriend who was still clinging onto him.

"Oh, really?!" Chinen asked, his voice full of curiosity and excitement. He knew his boyfriend couldn't just forget his birthday and get away with it. "Where is it? What is it?" He asked, looking for whatever item Takaki brought for him.

The taller teen laughed at the giggling boy who was performing a search on him that was worthy of customs officers in airports. Yuuri was doing as if he had some gift detector, groping there and there, trying to find his present. It was all cute until Chinen groped his crotch.

"Uhm... Yuuri, let me give it to you, okay?" He cleared his throat, pulling a CD jacket with the CD in it from his bag.

"A CD?" The petite birthday boy took the item and raised an eyebrow. It looked like a plain old CD to him, empty maybe? "Thanks, Yuuyan?" He said, unsure about his choice of reply.

Takaki laughed at his boyfriend. How cute could he get? He looked adorable even when he was disappointed with something."It's a DVD. Watch it before thanking me, baaaaka." He said, poking the boy's cheek.

"Let's go watch it?" He suggested, already tugging the boy toward the steps. He knew his small lover had some portable DVD player or a laptop somewhere in his room.

Even if he didn't really know what was going on, the little lad didn't resist being taken to his own room. He spent a while there after work and small birthday celebration, some more time there with Yuya definitely couldn't be too bad.

Once in his room, Chinen got his portable DVD from the case it was in all the time. He walked to his bed, where Takaki had dropped himself to lay down.

"Hey, make space!" Yuuri commanded playfully. Silly Yuya, always taking all the space with his long legs!

"Hai, hai." The older male sat up, and pat the mattress on the empty spot the 'V' between his legs formed. Chinen sat there happily and put the player on his lap and the DVD in the player.

"What is it, Yuya?" Chinen wondered if that was something 14 years old boys could watch... after all, this was Takaki Yuya! This DVD could be anything, even Sadako's cursed tape.

The brunette wound his arms around his sweetheart's waist and leaned in to bury his face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck, smelling the sweet scent of Chinen's shower gel.

"Just hit the 'play' button." He said before pressing a kiss against the warm skin of the younger male's neck.

Oh boy. Applying pressure on a mere button never was that hard before, he couldn't concentrate on it properly! Even though he was expecting the worst and the best, Chinen pressed the button and soon enough an image showed. It was his boyfriend, in his street clothes, wearing a cap and was obviously sitting on the backseat of a car.

"Is this filming?" 'On-screen' Takaki pointed the camera, sticking his face right in front of it and blinking like an idiot and puffing his cheeks at it.

A hand appeared from someone who was obviously holding the camera and one of its fingers poked Takaki's puffy face and 'deflated' him.

"If the red light appears after I press the 'record' button, then I think it means that it is recording, genius...." Said a voice that was probably the cameraman's.

Chinen didn't recognize that voice but it didn't matter, that was surely one of Takaki's buddies. As in the ones he never really wanted to meet because they all seemed to be crazy people, he could judge by the number of times Takaki's phone rang because of them and how his boyfriend could laugh for hours because of those messages. Or maybe because Inoo's boyfriend and Hikaru's girlfriend were some of his buddies. Crazy people.

"Okay, good." Takaki said in the video, "Today, I'm on a special mission. Operation ILY, 'I Love Yuuri'. This is the making video for that mission, so Yuuri can know what kind of effort I did." He explained to the camera, fixing his hat. "I will be trying to get someone really special to wish my baby a happy birthday... I'm doing this for him because I can do anything for him since I love that boy so much, I think I'm crazy... Like... hole in one, I found the one!"

"You don't play golf, Bakaki."

"Oh, just shut up and film this! I couldn't say I 'dunked myself into him' it would be wrong." The guy pouted at the camera dramatically, because nothing sounded good with basketball. The cameraman started to laugh at him and so did the driver.

Soon, the car came to a complete halt. "We're turning the camera off and hiding it for now, so, enjoy my cheesy and failing slide show, Yuuri."

As announced, a slide show started and 'Love so sweet' by Arashi played in background as pictures of Takaki and Chinen appeared on the screen. Chinen could remember that Takaki photographed them a few times with that camera of his but he had no idea he had so many! And some were so silly, too... Like that one where Chinen is holding the camera and took a shot of them, shirtless in the dressing room, with Hikaru in his boxers the background.

Around the time the song ended, the slide show did too and it was back to the video.

This time, it was inside some building and Takaki was absent from the screen. The camera-person was looking at a wall, fixing the zoom when some footstep sounds were heard.

"Oh, Takaki!" The camera turned to the said boy, who was pouting. "So, how did it go?"

"NONE of them is free on the 30th." The brunette said, "But they are free RIGHT NOW and they agreed to do it, so, even if it won't be 'live' because I can't fetch Yuuri since he's at a gym practice, I would have accomplished my mission, so, come on and make sure this camera doesn't die on us!"

The cameraman followed the running BEST member and they entered something that looked a lot like a typical Johnny's dressing room.

"Oha! Yo!" Takaki said to the people in the room. "This camera represents Yuuri, so, we'll do that right now in front of it, okay?" He turned to the camera, pretended to kiss it, then turned back at the people in the room, "Ready when you guys are."

And the camera turned to the said people. Chinen couldn't believe whom his boyfriend was talking to in that tape. It couldn't be. They had sleepy looking faces, they were wearing jerseys (and his very favorite out of the five was shirtless) and some didn't have their hair done, but Yuuri could recognize them wherever! Yes, there were five males but they just couldn't be THE five people that the small boy thought they were!

"Hey, Chinen! This is Ohno Satoshi."
"Yo, this is Sakurai Sho!"
"Aiba Masaki, present~"
"Ninomiya Kazunari here!"
"And I'm Matsumoto Jun...but you knew that."

"We're Arashi!"

The small boy let out a fan-boy squeal that could wake the dead. This was impossible! ARASHI was talking to him directly! Well, to a camera representing him, but they still said his name!

Ohno rubbed his eyes a little, "Since I'm the leader, I'll talk for the horde of living dead here." He said, even if he didn't really look so much better than the others. "Right now, it's 6AM so it's kind of normal that we look really tired." He said, "Anyways, your boyfriend came to us with a very sweet special request... You're turning 14 on the 30th and he wanted us to do something special for this. We unfortunately aren't free on the 30th, but we'll do something... 5, 6, 7, 8."

Yuuri could only stare as he saw and heard his senpai sing his favorite song: 'Caramel song'. Just for him! It made him giggle when Nino pulled Takaki with him and made him sing along. Then, after the song, they started a very Arashi-ish version of the 'Happy birthday' song, with Sakurai rapping something Chinen couldn't understand and Ohno singing over the others.

"Long story short, we wish you a happy birthday!" Aiba flashed a pair of v-sings at the camera.

"And forgive your boyfriend if he doesn't show up too often now, he promised to be our slave for five weeks... and believe me, that's not a very enviable thing." MatsuJun added, smirking.

Everyone laughed when the camera turned to Takaki, who was grimacing, surely because he thought of what his five senpai could do of him. Then, he turned to the camera, "So, baby, I hope you liked it. I would have made them wear the costumes and all, but, they would have enslaved me for a year... I love you, Yuuri, and I wish you a..."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone yelled with Takaki. The tape ended with them all waving to the camera.

Even if the screen was blue again, Chinen stared at it for a bit.

Yuya went through all that trouble, just for me... Sod Yama-chan, I am so not dumping this guy! Ever!

Then, he turned around to face his boyfriend, staring at him with his eyes as wide as soccer balls.

"Happy birthday, bab--." Takaki was cut off by his petite darling tackling him to his bed and kissing him sensless.

Takaki, even if he was really dense at times, could guess Chinen liked the present... it was always better to part with a good memory, no?
14th-Sep-2008 07:52 pm (UTC)
and I don't even like TakaChii...

hehe...tongue exercise...
and omg yabu speaking spanish...*lol*

15th-Sep-2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
I make Takaki too sweet... or I make him a total asshole, so, yeah. Enjoy the cute side?

Uhm. I don't think you want to know.
Yes, Spanish. Yabu = obsessed with Spain, Chinen = Obsessed with Spanish language. So. Made a link.
15th-Sep-2008 08:11 pm (UTC)
why did my brain just go "Ai no Matador" at the thought of Yabu + Spanish + Red ...? orz
15th-Sep-2008 08:14 pm (UTC)

.....Brain, stop thinking about kinky roleplay secks now.
23rd-Sep-2008 12:09 am (UTC)
(>.<) Gah. Death.
3rd-Oct-2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
"And I'm Matsumoto Jun...but you knew that."

I wonder what will do hasshi... *in love, now that yabu abandoned me!*
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